KENYA : COVID-19 vaccines not harmful to people living with chronic illnesses


The Kenyan Health Ministry has made it clear that those living with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, and cancer, are under no health dangers after receiving the covid 19 vaccination.


The clarification was done at a virtual media outing organized by the ministry, which seeks to push the country’s ongoing vaccination drive.


“The message the media needs to take out there is that people with chronic conditions need the vaccine. Chronic disease is not a contraindication for vaccination, it is a priority if you have any of these conditions,” Dr. Willis Akhwale, the health ministry’s COVID-19 vaccine task force chairman, said.


Like many other countries across the globe, the East African country is obliged to handle misinformation about the covid 19 vaccines, which has been blamed partly for vaccine hesitancy throughout many countries.

The country hopes against all odds to go the extra mile to convince those who still doubt the validity of the covid 19  vaccine, to go for it by ensuring they obtain the right information about the jabs.


Dr. Lucy Mecca, the vaccine quality and supply manager at the National Vaccines and Immunization Program in Kenya, re-echoed the fact that the benefits of COVID-19 vaccines simply outweigh any risks of side effects of the vaccines, thereby encouraging people to go for the jabs and prevent further spread of the disease.


The total figure of vaccinated persons in Kenya on Wednesday stood at 2,585,664 with fully vaccinated people being 791,295.


So far, the East African country has recorded over  232,052 COVID-19 infections with 4,600 fatalities.

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