GUINEA: Talks are ongoing to return to civilian rule 


Guinea has ongoing talks over a return to civilian rule following the September 5 coup that overthrew President Alpha Conde.

On Wednesday, the National Committee for the Rally of Guinea (CNRD), headed by coup leader Colonel Mamadi Doumouya, met with diplomats in Conakry’s for the second day of talks.


The CNRD is already under serious pressure to set a timeframe for holding fresh elections.

After Wednesday’s meeting, Lebanon’s Ambassador to Guinea, Fadir Zahir, expressed his country’s wish to see the West African nation regain political stability and calm.


“Guinea has everything to move forward; Guinea has everything to succeed, it lacks neither human nor natural resources, you have everything here to be the leading country in Africa. We want Guinea to succeed,” Zahir told CGTN’s Desire Kanon.


Niger’s Ambassador to Guinea, Omar Bondjouna, added by saying that his country was confident in the various measures taken by the CNRD towards a return to normalcy.

“As a brotherly and friendly country, Colonel Doumbouya wished for everyone’s support so that the transition could take place in the best conditions,” Bondjouna told  CGTN’s Desire Kanon.


Before Wednesday’s meeting with the diplomats, Colonel Doumouya met with civil society organizations to seek their support for the country’s quest to move beyond the current situation.

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