Ethiopia: Over 210 people killed within one week, Human Rights Reports


Ethiopia’s Human Rights Commission released a statement on Thursday revealing that at least 210 civilians were killed in the Oromia region by armed men in separate attacks, which took place between last weekend and Wednesday 25th August 2021 evening.


According to the statement, several people were also injured in the attack, which occurred when federal forces had withdrawn from Gida-Kirimu to move to other priority areas for security.

The attacks have been blamed on gunmen who are believed to be under the control of the Oromo Liberation Army fighting to break away from the rest of Ethiopia like the rebels in the Tigray Region.


The statement also revealed that gunmen killed 150 people while 60 others were killed in a revenge attack that forced women and children to escape into the bushes.


Sources told the human rights commission that most of those targeted were people from the Amharas ethnic group who have been targeted in the past due to their minority status.

The Oromo Liberation Army has denied the allegations.


They described the accusations against their armed group as “gross distortion of facts on the ground” and said they have no reasons to have carried out such an attack.

300 people were killed in March following ethnic clashes in the Oromo region, and in November 2020, lawmakers designated the Oromo Liberation Army as a terrorist group.

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