Afghanistan: One killed, several soldiers injured as suspected Taliban attacked a  UN compound


The United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Representative of Afghanistan, Deborah Lyons, has strongly condemned an attack on Friday at a UN compound in Afghanistan following gunfire that erupted between government forces and Taliban fighters.


In a statement that was released late on Friday 30th July 2021, the UN said rocket-propelled grenades were also used during the attack in which one officer was killed while others were critically injured. 

“The United Nations in Afghanistan condemns in the strongest terms the attack today on its main compound in Herat that resulted in the loss of life of an Afghan police guard and injuries to other officers,” the statement read.



The statement further revealed that those who attacked the UN compound in Herat were “anti-government” forces believed to be Taliban fighters.

“Anti-Government Elements carried out the attack targeting entrances of the clearly marked United Nations facility,” the statement further stated.


Lyons described the attack as deplorable, stating that “we condemn it in the strongest terms.”

It is a crime to attack a humanitarian agency in a crisis zone, and those who attack Humanitarian Aid agencies can be prosecuted following war crimes and crimes against humanity.


Lyons has called on an investigation to be carried out, and those found guilty should be immediately prosecuted. 

 “The perpetrators of this attack must be identified and brought to account,”  Lyons said


“No UN personnel was hurt in the incident, in which rocket-propelled grenades and gunfire attacked entrances,” the statement read. 

The UN said the Afghan military assisted greatly to contain the attack though several of its forces were injured while one was killed.

“The UN expresses its gratitude to the Afghan Directorate of Protection Services officers who defended the compound from the attackers,” the statement concluded.


Taliban has increased Its attacks at the beginning of this month as the  US started pulling out troops from the country.

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