Zimbabwe: Doctor warns against delay in seeking Covid-19 medical help


With Zimbabwe’s Covid-19 death toll almost hitting the 3,000 marks, a local immunologist warned that the situation could be due to people trying unverified homemade remedies first before rushing patients to hospital when their conditions have already deteriorated far beyond saving.

The country has reported a significant rate of deaths over the past week, with 50 fatalities reported on Monday and Tuesday and a further 62 fatalities on Wednesday.


According to Dr. Tinashe Gede, public members must seek professional medical care immediately after testing positive to Covid-19 to commence early treatment.


“Far too many patients are either presenting too sick to be helped or dying soon after presentation, and it is a very common thread in all the patients we are losing,” Gede said. “Patients we are losing have not been vaccinated, they fall sick, and they spend a lot of inordinate time before they seek appropriate medical care.


The World Health Organisation has also repeatedly warned against the use of traditional medicine that has not been scientifically tested and proven to fight the coronavirus.


Gede also stated that the southern African country’s health facilities are overwhelmed, and taking on additional patients was proving quite challenging.


He also urged Zimbabweans to strictly respect the COVID-19 health measures such as wearing face masks, social distancing, and practicing hand hygiene, noting that the country was facing a dire situation.


“We have to recognize that we are in the middle of a very serious crisis. We have to do all we can to make our lives and that of our patients better,” Gede said. “It starts with a very good recognition of the importance of prevention.”


Presently, Zimbabwe has reported 91,120 confirmed cases, and the death toll stands at 2,809.

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